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See the latest art and stories from me here at Deviantart! I'm currently doing a lot of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, TMNT Ninja Turtles, Alayer, Ann, Sheer, & Orion, Sailor Moon and fine arts of nature!

Watch for the upcoming original story "Change a Changeling" at Amazon on Kindle (see my profile for latest news)!


Here are my faves from gifts from friends to beautiful works of art/photos by others. :heart:


Wow, this is freaking super duper shell-yeah awesome work! This is wonderful beautiful art showing a lovely variety of the beloved terr...

I like this one very much since it gives a rainbow style effect without really having any rainbow sequence involved (missing purple/vio...

Incredible impact of emotion here between Raphael and Slash. Although I prefer all the stray pencil lines be erased, it does make for a...

Very realistic shading / coloring, extremely lifelike. A little too dark, but in real life, pitch black darkness is that even with some...






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United States
Above is Donatello and Raphael I did freehand in watercolor color pencils by memory after not drawn the Turtles in about 4 years (I was guessing). That is not the full image, so watch my gallery when I post the full image (includes Leo & Mikey watercolors color pencils).

I'm member of:


#GetWatchers help artists to share their creativity, increase their audience and get more feedback by getting more exposure and pageviews. If you want more exposure of your arts, constructive critics, watchers and/or if you would like to discover new talented artists, come join us :pointr: Here :pointl:.

:wave: I'm a freelance artist and writer and I do custom commissions (anything adult themed must be tasteful and not smut), feel free to request! :)

What sets me apart from other artists: I draw freehand directly in ink (without penciling first) from memory without references. (Once I learn what I want to draw, I no longer use references and rely on memory solely. I come up with my own original style/poses as well.)

My best coloring medium is Prismacolor color pencils along with special effects which I call "accents".

Accents are enhancers for my art to make it more fun and pretty. I use glitters, gel inks, liquid pearls, inks & sealants by Ranger, Distress Markers by Tim Holtz, imported nail polishes, paints (acrylics, pearlescent, & metallics), bling bling things like real Swarovski crystals, but mostly plastic faux gems and rhinestones, nail art trinkets, fabric roses, butterfly shaped gems (various shapes and colors, not just butterflies), star-hole punches, scrap booking supplies, etc.

Those who watched my eBay auctions have seen my newest works and these fun accents on my art.

I am able to color digitally, but I'm not the best for that since I haven't colored digitally for years. I'm ok at it, but I don't really draw directly digitally. I am looking to change that someday.

I am familiar doing art of: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (various versions), My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, My Little Pony Equestria Girls, My Little Pony (80's vintage), Marvel's Avengers (Black Widow, Viper, Mocking Bird), Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mushrambo, Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Nine, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Chrono Trigger, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, DBZ, DB GT, NiGHTS into Dreams, Jackie Chan Adventures, Silverwing, Gargoyles, Jake Long American Dragon, Lilo & Stitch, the Lion King, Princesses, Fairies, X-Men Evolution, Sonic the Hedgehog, Littlest Pet Shop, and more.

I can not do any free art requests, so please don't ask. If you'd like to order art, feel free to. :) All my art is drawn on high quality acid free 28 lb. 8 1/2" x 11" laser paper - 98 US Bright / 110 Euro Bright - this is FSC certified and endorsed by the Rainforest Alliance paper***

All my Art is Protected! Art comes in a resealable acid-free cellophane bag (which is non-porous, super clear, non-stretching; generally stronger than poly bags.)

I always sell my originals (& prints too), so if you like anything, let me know. :) If a picture isn't available, I can redraw a new version of whatever you happen to like in my gallery.

I also have professionally made prints with mattes in baggies too, just contact me. (Not many left, check my eBay auctions for my nature rabbit prints matted.)

If you like my stories or art, please let me know and support my projects by donating or buying art :)

I hope you enjoy my art here and add me to your WatchList. Please see my Fanfics at:

Please leave reviews (NOT ONES ASKING WHERE THE NEXT CHAPTER IS SOLELY). I love reviews, especially helpful ones! Thank you ^_^

Check out my upcoming new story coming soon called "Change a Changeling", watch my site or here at DA. (I'm thinking of to publish so tell me if you would support me when I go to publish). If anyone wants to know more about it, here's some quick info before it gets posted:

Original story revamp on A Playful Dream about Ann Silvermen as a High School Sophomore in a new school/new town. She can never make any friends since her family moves more often than not and feels like an outcast since her physique is an early bloomer.

In her new school she discovers a mysterious quiet teen named Alayer whom has a carefully guarded secret that fascinates Ann into finding out what it is. At first, Al appears to be a friendly nice guy along with his half-brother Ryan (aka Orion).
But Al is not at all what he seems to be and Ann unwittingly stumbles into the dangerous world of Changelings. When Ann's baby brother is born later, she learns that Al's secret is a dark one and she must turn him from his darkness to save her baby brother and Al before she loses them both to the Fay.

For Al, he is filled with guilt and sorrow for the evil deeds his kind expects him to do. His father being the King of the Fay demands obedience in his quest to conquer the humans. Al wants to leave this wretched world, but his father will not release him. If Alayer can get the Arc Powers, he would be able to change the world of Fay forever and stop his evil father once and for all. It's something Orion won't allow Al to do for he wants to be the new king. Al & Orion are in a race to find powers of the Arc, but who first will obtain the powers of the Phoenix of Fire and the Wolf of Ice to rule both the worlds of the Fay and Earth?

Current Residence: The land of bunny rabbits
Print preference: Professional
Favourite genre of music: Pop music- 70's 80's - soundtracks - Japanese anime pop music
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman!
Favourite style of art: Nick's version TMNT + 2k7 movie TMNT, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jackie Chan Adventures
Operating System: Windows 8 ultrabook
MP3 player of choice: Creative Zen V Plus
Shell of choice: Anything rainbow-y and Donnie-ology
Wallpaper of choice: Bunny rabbit wallpaper with a side of Donatello Hamato
Skin of choice: Turtle tiled armor
Favourite cartoon character: Donatello from Ninja Turtles, Drago from Jackie Chan Adventures
Personal Quote: Bunnies can be man's best friend; my current doe bunny Weaselbaby is :)
((I updated this Journal entry with direct links to vote for my designs in the Welovefine T-shirt design contest - 5 is the highest vote, you can't change your vote or revote so please vote/rate higher numbers please - you need an account there to vote as well.))

My mom had a serious fall due to a mini stroke and low blood pressure. She has trouble walking and we were worried she was going to die. She is not doing well.

My fears of my mom dying without me becoming a successful well-known artist before she passes on looms over me worse than ever.

If I had more time, it would be easier and less stressful, but with my mom's poor health and I being unable to fulfill her dying wish of me becoming a famous artist (and/or writer, anything) weighs terribly on my heart.

I don't want to live on knowing I failed to give my mom her last wish (my biggest fear), so anyone out there who can help me make it big in the art / author world!
She has not passed on so far, but no one knows when someone dies, so I need help ASAP!

I know I'm not the best artist/writer out there, but there are many famous people out there who are not the best either yet made a name for themselves.

My pleas on this matter are even more dire than before. If you know anyone out there who has connections to make things happen for me quickly, please PLEASE contact me!

I know my mom has to go sometime, but it's heartbreaking to have anyone leave this world with their one wish never being answered.

Please don't allow this to happen to my mom. She lost two of her children and I'm the last of her kids; I need to give her some kind of happiness out of her lifetime of misery and abuse.

She's disabled and in poor health. I too am disabled and unable to do more than beg online for help.

Please help me in any way you can! Should you know people with connections/power to make things happen quickly for a unknown artist like me or just simply spread the word as much as you can!

Another way to help is to vote for my designs on contents.

Look for the designs by June.

You have to make an account on their website to vote.
5 is the highest rating / vote (I think people have been rating my art as "1" because my work is going at the bottom of the listings, so be sure to vote at the higher numbers. It's either that or not many are voting to begin with).
If you vote the wrong number it can't be changed!!!

My gallery (and previous Journal) has my designs there both at the contests:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Design Contest (voting has started!) Voting started on June 18 and ends on July 16!!!
My Little Pony (voting continues)

I looked up their FAQ's and they say this for ratings / voting:
I don't know how to rate? What's this 1 - 5 thing?
1 is the lowest score, 5 is the highest.
Woopsies! I accidentally rated this wrong, can I change my vote?
Unfortunately no, once a vote has been made, we can't change it on our end.

So spread the word to vote higher number votes only (please not 1) - 5 is the best rating. Thank you in advance for anyone willing to vote and/or help me out in other ways possible.

For the TMNT contest here are the direct links to vote (you need an account first though) - Vote higher numbers please - lower numbers are bad:

Dark Leo (currently on page 12)…

Tiny Turtle Power (currently on page 14)…

Donnie X April Love Everlasting (currently on page 15)…

Vampire Donnie biting April (currently on page 15)…

Donnie's Hopeful Wishes of April becoming a Turtle (currently on page 16)…

For the MLP FiM contest, here are the direct links to vote (you need an account first though) - Vote higher numbers please - lower numbers are bad:

Princess Luna's Starry Dusk/Night (currently on page 26)…

Derpy Hooves' Colorful Bubbles (currently on page 27)…

Princess Luna Portrait (currently on page 29)…

Twilight Sparkle MAKE A WISH (currently on page 34)…

Twilight Sparkle Horn Rainbow Shine (currently on page 36)…

Twilight Sparkle Yellow Bow Butterfly (currently on page 37)…

Rainbow Dash on Fun Cloud Raft (currently on page 39)…

Princess Luna's Royal Bow (currently on page 40)…

WELOVEFINE Contest - Queen Chrysalis X 4 by alaer
My "Queen Chrysalis X 4" design was rejected because Queen Chrysalis was not seen in Season 4 of MLP. (BUT they allowed other people to put Queen Chrysalis up in their designs - can anyone say Unfair?). So I have one design left to do for MLP (which I'm lucky to get). I will update later on this.

I did not get 10 chances are advertised, only 9 because I forgot that this pony isn't in Season 4:
WELOVEFINE Contest - Peaches n Cherries Kick by alaer

I find it unfair that the same people keep winning while new people have little to no chance. Oh well, life is often unfair. Can't complain, or rather not allowed to complain.

I can not STRESS enough how much I need help from others on this. I mean it. I need the help ASAP! I DON'T want my mom to die first without having her only wish fulfilled.

It means so much to her to have at least one of her kids to make a name for themselves. It means so much to me as well because I do NOT want to live life knowing I failed her, so PLEASE HELP ME in any way that you can and spread the word like wildfire!

Please help me eradicate the fear I have in this matter. Please. I don't want to live a life of regrets. I'm doing what I can but time is against me. I beseech you; help me.


alaer has started a donation pool!
1,458 / 50,000
Please donate points and/or use your points to get uncut adult versions of my old stories taken down by

Send a Note or for faster response, email me if interested!

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